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Agriculture market in Turkey

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Turkey's main market overview
Laleli (Laleli) Market:
Market up earlier to form small quantities of wholesale operations (10 Crane wholesale) market building distinctive, 60 Commercial Street into a checkerboard-like intertwined, nearly 10,000 stores. Stalls decorated unique style, high-end, business-intensive, rich products, mainly to local products. Customers for the CIS countries. Russian market is mainly used for trade exchanges.

Aosimanbei (Osrnarbey) Market:
The market is a high-end boutique market operations in Italy, France and many other well-known brands, boutique street from wholesalers mainly for Europe. Here not only has boutiques in Europe, there are many clothing items is a local clothing company hired Italian or French designer. The market and the layout is basically the same <span> laleli market, but also in the streets criss-cross many hidden boutique. The decor was significantly better than laleli market specialized in trade with Russia, and the price of natural laleli also much more expensive than the market. In Aosimanbei market clothing store clothing from all the color and style of the product, are showing the series, emphasizing the brand, never like domestic Albemarle Road, Silk apparel and other markets, as there is a patchwork feel.

Jimmy cast (Metro) market
Retail market, buy version easy, but the grade varies Bazaar Market:
Specialty markets, mainly engaged in local Turkish specialties, such as candy, spices, handicrafts, specialty tea which Turkey has some health effects, can serve as a homecoming gift choice.

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