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Union Pacific, Latin America, Mexico, Chile , Colombia, Peru

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Union Pacific, Latin America, Mexico, Chile , Colombia, Peru
February 10 , Pacific Union eighth summit was held in Cartagena, Colombia , Mexico, Chile , Colombia, Peru, the four member countries agreed on 92% of the area exempt from tariffs on goods and services . Shikoku while speeding up e- trade agreement negotiations , in order to provide relevant information and technical support for the goods and services market . Analysts believe that Union Pacific is currently a two-way force, first, to strengthen internal integration , the second is " open and expanding Asian market," as the focus, providing more opportunities for economic and trade cooperation between China and Latin American countries .
Has about 215 million population of the broad market , accounting for 35% of the total economy of Latin America 's gross domestic product (GDP) , the annual average economic growth rate of about 5% ...... these caught the eye of the economic data from the 2012 establishment of the Latin American regional economic organizations - the Pacific League . Currently the organization including Mexico , Chile, Colombia, Peru four Member States.
Situation -
Cooperation with Asian countries see the necessity and urgency
At present , China has signed free trade agreements with both the Pacific Union countries Peru, Chile. With the formation of the four member countries large internal market, the Chinese economic and trade cooperation with the Pacific Alliance will unprecedented opportunities arise , University of the Pacific in Peru APEC (APEC)杨思伟Research Center , told reporters that the opportunity for the formation of the Pacific League Two points : First, with the economic growth in these four countries to further open their markets to increase demand , the four countries decided on the basis of internal cooperation, the overall attitude of cooperation with the outside ; Second, the four countries are seeing and Pacific countries , especially the necessity and urgency of cooperation with Asian countries , hoping for a breakthrough in several fields such as food , textiles and so on.
Colombian Export Promotion Foundation, Pacific Union will help knock on the door of the Asian middle class markets in China , the consumption of this class is expanding , increasing their demand for quality products .
Target -
Although the four countries on the Pacific Alliance exempt 92% of tariffs on goods and services reached an agreement , but in the process of implementation of this agreement , the parties still need the run for a long time . Director of the APEC Study Centre, University of the Pacific in Peru Fernando Gonzalez believes that the current Peru and China and many other Asian countries have signed a free trade agreement , but Peru has long been restricted transport channels , " 90 percent of Peru 's foreign trade is realized by sea while 71% of the cost of these large containers are handed over to Chile two large shipping companies . " Fernando explained, " Pacific Union next step should be to explore how to build a more equitable distribution of benefits system ."
Dussel also pointed out that with the expansion of the scale of the Pacific League , and the Member States to increase the number of observer countries , the Pacific Alliance will become an important driving force to pull closer relations . Union Pacific, the four countries are also likely to become an important Chinese enterprises to enter Latin America , " springboard ."

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