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Exhibition Show Review

Time: December 5, 2013 -07 days

Location: New Delhi, India PUSA Exhibition Centre

Organizing Committee:


FICCI Agricultural Society of India

Bureau of Indian agriculture

Exhibitors : 270 + companies

Exhibition area : 11,000 square meters

Concept of exhibitors : 31320

Organizing Committee

Italy UNACOMA- union committee for the EIMA show the same

Indian Agricultural Association and the Farm Bureau jointly organized by the organizing committee has a wide range of close cooperation with the local media, government , agriculture organizations , associations , distributors.
 Show the face of the audience category

Agricultural industry distributors, manufacturers, professional engineers , traders , importers, exporters , media , manufacturers Charm

Unique leading international agricultural exhibition in India

India-related industry investment decision-makers gathered in the office

For professionals in various fields of agriculture

2013 indoor exhibition is divided into four zones, with a total exhibition area of 11,000 square meters , total number of exhibitors over 270 . Exhibition held every two years , has been held three sessions , has been strongly supported India's Ministry of Agriculture , Agricultural Society , organizers of the Italian EIMA , New Delhi, India has become the most used in the professional field of agricultural machinery for international exhibitions , is the way to international companies to enter the Indian market directly effective. The exhibition attracted participants from around the world related to agricultural producers and manufacturers, distributors participate, such as local agricultural dealers JOHN DEERE, NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE, BKT, SHAKIIMAN, and other well-known dealer of the exhibition . There are dozens of local media in New Delhi that through the Internet, newspapers and other forms of the show before the show to do a full publicity. This year the Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition Huashi Dan Chongqing , Chongqing Hiromi , Celtic Chongqing Chongqing lot, Changzhou firewood , Gui林科丰, Toyota Taizhou Taizhou Xiefeng other enterprises ; There are many foreign companies at the exhibition site to participate in Honda , Kb, BCS and other enterprises. During the five -day event , our business not only in their booths hospitality customers, but also take the initiative to communicate with other exhibitors booth to discuss ; There are some companies pull out in a limited time period to visit participating customers , to expand in India market has laid a good foundation.

In order to enable customers to learn more about the Indian market , our company specially organized enterprises to Delhi to inspect agricultural machinery market , corporate in-depth understanding of the Turkish market and how to enter the market to make the appropriate strategy.

To make India a broader understanding of our local distributors Chinese enterprises , we did not participate in this year specifically for this exhibition of Chinese enterprises produced a brochure, distributed free of charge to the dealer during the show . In publicizing our China business, while some local dealer for our products in China is very interested in our selectively recommended some manufacturers of our long-term cooperation with them. This shows that Chinese products are very popular in India and the advantage of inexpensive local occupied most of the market share in India , which gives us Chinese enterprises has brought unlimited business opportunities.

The participating companies have achieved its desired effect. Although some companies do not really get into this big market , but through this show more in-depth understanding of the needs of the Indian market , is entering the market has laid a good foundation.

After we finished exhibition , visited the ancient capital of the famous pagodas, Humayun's Tomb (Mausoleum of Humayun) was built in 1556 , was the second Mughal emperor Humayun (Humayun) mausoleum is Islam combined with the Hindu architectural style typical. The main building of red sandstone mausoleum built , takes the shape of a square mausoleum , surrounded as doors, roof mausoleum semicircle . The whole building stately , India and the world for the quality of architectural history . Ling takes the shape of a square , surrounded as doors, roof mausoleum semicircle . The whole building solemn, bright and fresh , as well as the history of world architecture boutique in India . Humayun Yonghe Palace Queen 's sarcophagus placed in the middle of the house that stood on both sides of the Mughal emperors five sarcophagus . 1993 UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Humayun's Tomb , the "World Heritage List ." Humayun's Tomb , located in New Delhi 's eastern suburbs . India's Mughal Empire in the building reached its peak level. 18 centuries ago, almost every emperor of this empire are leaving behind them a large number of excellent construction , it can be said , except for the sixth generation of the Mughal Empire ruler Aurangzeb , all early Indian Mo lying child rulers are great architect ; Red Fort this magnificent palace in New Delhi city, is the fifth generation of the 17th century Mughal emperor Shah Khan built . About 915 meters wide and 518 meters , because of its walls and the interior is brick with red sandstone , so called " Red Fort ."

Red Fort today despite the loss of the old gorgeous, majestic momentum still Lahore Gate , towering red walls as well , part of the basic structure of the palace seems to be intact pry out its former glory style. Since 1965 , held every week red Baonei sound and light show for a few evenings . This performance is the use of modern optics and acoustics , reproduction between 1639-1947 Indian history of ups and downs , it is worth careful people enjoy and taste.

Lotus Temple Lotus Temple and Mingbahayi Temple , this construction is made from white marble , is known for its spectacular beauty , has become the pride of the Indians . As a unique landmark in Delhi , its clever design has become the highlight of this temple , Lotus temple with its unique charm over the years, with the sea -like mind, each year attracts thousands of tourists come here especially . In India dotted , the magnificent temple , New Delhi, India , southeast of Lotus Temple, then their loyalty to light , Creative people left a deep impression.

" India International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition " for the Chinese enterprises to explore the Indian market , providing a platform for communication . I will provide full service to ensure that exhibitors Houguwuyou , to carry out the work .

The next International Agricultural Exhibition will be held in India December 10, 2014 -14 days !

Twenty-second International Agricultural Exhibition in Pune , India

Indian Market Summary

In India, the contribution of agriculture and related industries are the largest sector of the country GDP, but also for about two-thirds of the Indian workforce to provide employment opportunities . After joining the WTO to adapt to the ever-increasing challenges and opportunities , we must strengthen the competitiveness of Indian agriculture . At present, India lacks an organized agricultural machinery manufacturing management , few manufacturers are able to effectively sell their products in the market. India's demand for large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment modernization is gradually growing. According to industry estimates , the market size of the Indian Agricultural machinery and equipment of approximately $ 6.6 billion . This provides a great opportunity for the export of machinery for the manufacture of precision farming , harvesting machinery, crop yield measurement equipment , crops discharge chute , turbo jet aircraft and foreign manufacturers of those pumps.

A Market Overview

In the past, Indian farmers rely on human, livestock and machinery for farming. With the continuous influx of rural laborers living city , agricultural labor costs continue to rise , Indian farmers gradually began to be widely used in farming machinery .

Indian farmers are now using a large area of farming methods , modern agricultural machinery, equipment and accessories used by domestic manufacturers or imported from abroad, including tractors, threshers , harvesters, combine harvesters and water pumps . Despite India's poor quality domestic manufacturing of agricultural machinery , high prices , but Indian farmers still rely heavily on domestic equipment , generally do not understand the modern mechanical developments. With the increasing popularity of television media in rural India , to fill the gap in cognitive farmers , who can improve crop quality and yield and reduce the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment by the Indian farmers of their common concern .

Second, market trends

Most Indian farmers are still using traditional farming tools , such as plows , sickles , spades , basketry , Persian wheeler with a hand pump and irrigation . For small parcels of land and mountains, Indian farmers still use livestock farming. Although the use of agricultural machinery is gradually growing, but fuel supply instability and high cost makes Indian farmers rarely use mechanized equipment . With the continuous growth of the Indian economy in rural incomes , farmers began to focus on electricity or diesel-powered irrigation pumps, tractors and farming preparations for the sowing disc harrow, some farmers even before sowing using laser graders . Like a number of other agricultural machinery mechanized threshing machines and combines the use is gradually growing.

In order to overcome the shortage of fuel , many wealthy farmers began to build wind and solar power plants. Solar photovoltaic device can provide lighting and power the pumps. Another major energy from biogas plants using anaerobic fermentation of animal waste to produce methane gas . Currently, many villagers have put India

Biogas as a conventional energy use , the Indian state government also provides the use of biogas in rural financial incentives .

The Indian government has made a number of financial incentives to help farmers increase productivity, these policies promote the use of agricultural machinery and equipment . Those farmers can not afford agricultural machinery can rent from rental agencies to the device. India, there are about more than 17 million units and 2.26 million irrigation pumps tractors . Indian farmers also commodity crops using sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation systems. Currently, drip irrigated land area is 160,000 hectares , sprinkler irrigated land area of about 600,000 public

Are . Expected seven years later, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation land area will reach one million hectares and 500 million hectares. Indian farmers to enhance the awareness of mechanization promote productivity , directly affecting their demand for agricultural machinery and equipment . In order to accelerate the pace of development of agricultural mechanization , the Indian government in the following areas provide economic aid to farmers and other groups :

1 Various buy agricultural equipment .

2 . Demonstrate the use of new equipment among farmers , promote new technologies .

3 . Agricultural training of personnel.

4 . Equipment maintenance, repair and management.

5. Improve the quality of agricultural machinery and equipment by trial and evaluation.

Agricultural Technical Committee set up by the state government to develop agriculture in India 's development goals . Public-private partnerships have gradually developed, those areas have the potential to promote rapid commercial development . These programs have contributed to the commercial viability of the new technology in the agricultural machinery and equipment .

Used to grow vegetables, oilseeds and other crops imported special equipment , the purpose is to increase production, to catch up with developed countries.

Third, the market capacity

India's agricultural machinery industry due lack of effective management , accurate market data is unknown. In addition to manufacturing tractors , other farm machinery and equipment manufacturing data can not be determined . India's manufacturing sector is just 14 tractor manufacturers, so the information can only be obtained in the industry .

In India, about every area of 1000 hectares cultivated using 11 tractors, while the world average utilization rate per 1000 hectares cultivated area using 19 tractors. Thus , according to industry forecasts that the market there is a great demand for space . Currently, the Indian market with some low-cost, multi-purpose tractor uneven performance mainly from the lower to mid- horsepower range, largely because farmers are unable to invest in agricultural mechanization equipment. Expected from the present to 2012 , the Indian tractor industry CAGR of 3.7%. With the development of the market changes , the farmers demand for higher horsepower tractors will continue to grow. In this era of innovative mechanical devices , mechanized agricultural equipment will be higher.

Fourth, market competition

Currently, India's imports of agricultural machinery mainly from China , Japan, Korea , Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and USA. According to industry estimates , the total amount of agricultural machinery and equipment market in India is about $ 6.6 billion , mostly using domestically produced equipment , agricultural machinery and equipment imported about $ 450 million .

India's well-known agricultural equipment manufacturer has : Mahindra & Mahindra company , Kirloskare Oil Engines company , Bharat bulldozer company (Bharat Earth Movers), Telco companies and Escorts companies. India's domestic production of agricultural machinery and equipment as well as many small businesses . In order to meet the domestic market demand for particular agricultural equipment , some Indian domestic companies related equipment imported from abroad , technologically advanced large-scale machinery and equipment mainly rely on imports.

Fifth, market access

Indian government to allow foreign direct investment in the agricultural machinery industry , and to be able to enjoy the rebate . The government also allowed the import of agricultural machinery and equipment obtained under the Open General Import Licence (OGL) premise , there are plans to gradually reduce import tariffs in this regard. India's import and export trade law allows the end user or distributor of imported agricultural machinery spare parts.

India uses the metric system , the majority of standards are consistent with international standards. Although India imports trademark of the provisions in accordance with international practice, but buyers and sellers usually agree when placing orders . Payment for imported goods is usually achieved by a permanent credit . Indian banks before issuing letters of credit, asked the Indian customers will guarantee all transactions in the bank , in accordance with the detailed provisions of the buyer and seller of the contract, the bank will open letters of credit for a period of time .

Agricultural machinery and equipment to enter the Indian market, there are several important factors: the product at competitive prices , rapid delivery of spare parts, as well as the ability to hire local consultants . Furthermore, it should select local Indian import regulations and procedures are familiar with well-known companies as agents , these agents or distributors to effectively access to market information , foreign manufacturers can obtain the potential business opportunities through them.

Six, market prospects

 As previously mentioned, because of India's agricultural machinery industry lacks effective management, it is impossible to collect valid data and information , and can not accurately predict future consumption and demand . However , the Indian government on the country's agricultural development, to specify a lot of preferential policies , so therefore farmers benefited from the government's agricultural policies.

One benefit of diesel , electricity free or preferential policies. Known as the " granary of India ," the provisions of the Punjab , the funds available to pay farmers to buy diesel after the sale of agricultural products. Agricultural electricity then take a differentiated approach : living below the poverty line farmers free electricity ; generally farmers free electricity for irrigation use , others are enjoying the electricity price .

The third is to benefit from fertilizer, agricultural machinery and other production materials price subsidy policy . Fertilizer is India's largest project in agricultural subsidies , the price of uniform provisions and subsidies from the government . Whether imported or domestically produced fertilizers , prices are generally lower than production costs, transportation costs are borne entirely by the government. The Indian government on the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment to provide the following grants : a tractor 2 . Tiller 3 . Dynamic Traction Devices 4. All kinds of threshing machine 5. Sprinkler 6. Drip irrigation system 7. Animal traction equipment 8. Hand tools, equipment, gardening tools 9 . Crop protection device 10. Automatic harvester , rice transplanter and other similar robot 11. Special power machinery equipment such as: sugar cane cutters , sugarcane planter , potato planter , rice and wheat harvester , rotary tillage machines , drilling machines and tractor harvesters. Due to government grants and low-interest loans of financial companies , the Indian market for these devices is expected to moderate growth. Notably , India is also a part of the production and export of agricultural machinery and equipment above .

Twenty-third International Agricultural Exhibition in Pune , India


Organizers : KISAN FORUM PVT.

Exhibition Location : India's largest and most professional Agricultural Show

Time: 10-14 December 2014

Location: Pune, India Exhibition Centre


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