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2013 Ecuador International Motorcycle and Car Show

Summary report after the show


Exhibition Overview

Show Review

Time: April 26, 2013 -28 days

Venue: International Exhibition Center in Quito, Ecuador

Organizing Committee: CEMEXPO S.A

Exhibitors: 100 companies

Exhibition area: 12,000 square meters

For Visitors: 7000

Organizing Committee

CEMEXPO of Quito's largest exhibition of local companies as well as pavilions, the company organized the International Motorcycle and Motor Show Ecuador Ecuador is where the most professional show. Local Motorcycle Association supports each show will be held, the company's extensive local media, government, associations, dealers have close relations of cooperation.
 Show the face of the audience category

Auto industry, distributors, manufacturers, professional engineers, traders, importers, exporters, media, manufacturers

Charm Local only professional international exhibition dominated by motorcycle

Ecuador investment in local decision-makers gathered in related sectors of the Department

Professional fields for motorcycle

2013 show a total exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, the total number of more than 100 exhibitors. Exhibition held annually, has been held four sessions, the local Motorcycle Association, SUVs Association, Automobile Association, Ecuador and many other relevant agencies involved in associations and co-pavilion is divided into multiple areas, the main area for motorbikes exhibition, but also There are off-road vehicles, automobile and bicycle exhibition. This also different between professional groups and exhibitors to provide a more convenient, more targeted communication platform; earlier also held motocross motorcycle-related activities such as day exhibition icing on the cake. Ecuador is a member of the Andean Community, 2013 Ecuador motorcycle and automobile exhibition aims to narrow the Area and the overseas countries throughout South America, motorcycle, car and bike dirt bike manufacturers, distributors relationship between the South American countries to promote economic growth, deepening trade relations. Exhibition on display motorcycles, cars and bicycles latest products, design, equipment, services and trends. Three days exhibition from mainland Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela and other Latin American countries and Japan, and China (including Taiwan), including many delegations, such as the famous motorcycle brand Bajaj, Yamaha, Kawamotors, Motor Uno Nearly 100 exhibitors, many professional visitors and buyers to visit the exhibition. Domestic Chongqing Zongshen, Chongqing Astronautic Bashan, Chongqing silver Gang, Chongqing Guangyu, Xiamen Wythe Sheng, Everest and other enterprises to participate in the exhibition. In this exhibition companies truly understand the local market, understand the customer's needs, the enterprise has helped to open up the market in Ecuador.

 I. Introduction Ecuador

Demographic, geographic:

The Republic of Ecuador is located in northwestern South America. Northeast with Colombia adjacent to the southeast border with Peru, west Pacific Ocean. Area of 256,370 square kilometers, a coastline of about 930 kilometers. North of the equator across the border, Ecuador is Spanish for "equator" means. Andes border runs through the middle of the country is divided into western coastal, central and eastern mountainous region in three parts. Northwestern South America, an area of 250,000 square kilometers

Population of nearly 15 million, the capital of Quito. .

With Spanish as the official language.

Largest city is Guayaquil, population over 200 million, is the Eritrean industrial center, the main foreign trade port and transportation hub.


Economy is relatively backward, the smaller, weaker

Rich in natural resources, dependent on oil, agriculture and fisheries, a higher degree of external dependence

2009 GDP was $ 52.022 billion, per capita monthly income is around $ 315

Agriculture: deep processing ability is poor

Industry: to rely on crude oil

Financial income mainly from non-oil revenues (80%) and oil revenues (20%)


Ecuador's central bank announced that the latest statistics:

2012 January-May of Ecuador's foreign trade amounted to 21.06 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 14.5%.

Which exports $ 10.32 billion, an increase of 11%;

Imports $ 9.74 billion, an increase of 9.4%;

Surplus of $ 580 million, an increase of 38%.

Ecuador main export commodities: petroleum, bananas, fish, flowers, cocoa, coffee, etc.;

Ecuador main import commodities: machinery and equipment, electrical appliances, textiles and chemical products, industrial raw materials, minerals, metals, plastics and automotive

Market conditions and characteristics:

Full liberalization of free trade policy

l In addition to individual commodities no other import restrictions.

l farm products and pharmaceutical raw materials for processing imports subject to prior approval.

l Allow no limit on the number of imports of goods.

l import licensing procedures are simple, customs corruption, the actual efficiency is low.

l Eritrea low productivity, weak industrial base, dependence on imports.

l market characteristics: small batch demand for commodities, varieties.

l Latin America is an emerging market of China's foreign trade

l exports to traditional markets continued negative growth in Latin America and other emerging markets, export growth

l Economic Community of Andean trade relations with the rapid development of China's

l Ecuador ranks among North and South America, and Colombia, Peru border


Motorcycle and bicycle market analysis:

Ecuador inexpensive gasoline, 93 # gasoline about 4 yuan per liter, which also led to the majority of people prefer used cars, rather than select motorcycles. However, due to the country's road infrastructure backwardness, the number of cars increased, causing urban congestion, motorcycles began to receive attention.

2012 Ecuador motorcycle sales market of about 12 million units. Currently, there are about 17 Ecuador larger motorcycle assembly enterprises, 36 importers importing motorcycles, parts and accessories. General de Comercio y Mandato and Unnomotors (also known as Motor Uno) is the domestic motorcycle sales in the two giants. The two companies in 2010 sales totaled 26,327.00 total domestic sales volume of 31.37%. Only in April 2011 Unnomotors to assemble motor vehicles sold over 7,078.00. Followed by Motorcycle Assembly approximately 2,938.00 units. Because mostly mountainous, the entire Ecuadorian markets off-road vehicles, mainly in coastal cities plains have more Cub and Knight's car. BAJAJ With the entry of consumer attention gradually shifted knight car. Expected in the near future, the knight cars will become mainstream.

In recent years, bicycles have also been welcomed by the people of Ecuador. The Government of Ecuador has recently introduced new environmental protection initiatives, requiring all government officials in Quito, the use of bicycles as a means of transportation to work every weekend in Quito's main street cars

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