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                     Ukraine 25th International Agricultural Exhibition

Summary report after the show

Exhibition Overview

Time: May 22, 2013 -25 days

Venue: International Exhibition Center Kiev, Ukraine

Organizing Committee: Ukraine Agricultural Bureau

Exhibitors: 300 + Enterprise

Exhibition area: 20,000 square meters

For Visitors: 12000 +


Organizing Committee

Exhibition is by the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Academy of Agricultural Sciences organizations in Eastern Europe one of the largest international exhibition of agriculture, has been successfully held 24 sessions. Extensive with the local media, government, associations, dealers have close relations of cooperation.
Show the face of the audience category

Agriculture industry distributors, manufacturers, professional engineers, traders, importers, exporters, media, manufacturers


Ukraine's largest and most leading international agricultural exhibition

Ukraine, local and surrounding areas covered by the relevant sector investment decision-makers gathered in place, professional fields for agriculture

The annual "Ukraine International Agricultural Exhibition" is held in Kiev, Ukraine, this show is by the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Academy of Agricultural Sciences organizations in Eastern Europe one of the largest international exhibition of agriculture, has been successfully held 24 sessions. The exhibition every year a large number of exhibitors from 25 countries last year, there were more than 300 exhibitors, including 120 from Ukraine, more than 180 from abroad, including Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, , Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States, including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom to participate in the Pavilion scale exhibitions. Invitation audience: 13,000 professional trade visitors (show only open to visitors), 56% of the audience for the company decision-makers, 37% of the audience is the owner of the company, and 10% is the company's director level, 9% of the company manager.

The exhibition, the largest of its size is the previous one, from 17 countries, more than 1,277 companies participated in the exhibition, not just use the 16,000 square meters of indoor exhibition, it is using the center's outdoor exhibition Museum, which fully demonstrates the great attractiveness of Ukraine and market capacity. Where the 9th house and outdoor agricultural exhibition hall is not only the biggest local farm machinery dealers have come to exhibitors, and Russia, Turkey, Poland and other countries of dealers have come to visit. In these two pavilions where each enterprise to fully display the latest products, and enterprises to better showcase the corporate image of the enterprise, enhance the company's reputation, but also with the local and neighboring countries and major distributors A communication professionals face a good platform.

This year not only known foreign companies to participate in, such as JOHN DEERE, CLAAS, MOTOP other enterprises, but there are also many Chinese enterprises exhibitors, our delegation Hiromi enterprise Chongqing, Chongqing Longzhuo, Chongqing Keye, Heming, Sichuan, Chongqing Zongshen, Chongqing Lifan, Zhejiang Yong force of the show also achieved very good results. Extended enterprises not only in their own booth at hospitality customers, but also to other exhibitors booth to carry out the above communication; There are many companies in the idle time to Odessa, Kharkov to examine the market, this time we are led enterprises more or less got his desired effect. Although some companies do not really into this big market, but through this show more in-depth understanding of the needs of the Ukrainian market for the future to enter this market has laid a good foundation.

Our leisure time in the exhibition, but also more in-depth understanding of the local culture, visited Ukraine featuring folk village, in one of the village folk classrooms, attracted by some of the paintings, the narrator describes this painting almost by 13 year-old children's hands, imagine really amazing; World War II Museum, in the absence of time into the museum, you can see the symbolic statue in Kiev "Motherland mother count." World War II, when they heard that the mother of the seven sons sacrifice on the battlefield, the motherland is the memorial statue of the subject, is one of the iconic buildings in Kiev; Golden Door, Haghia Sophia, and other distinctive cultural monuments , also Dnieper beach enjoying the sun bath, those who see the relaxed life

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