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Assist Participate the Exhibition:

Ten advantages of enterprises to participate in the exhibition

Exhibiting companies process

How to choose International Expo

Visa Information:

Countries Embassy Contact List

States visa shall prepare information

Finance for SMEs:

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Reporting enterprise subsidies flow

Business visits abroad

For domestic government agencies, enterprises and institutions a comprehensive solution tailored business visits, business visits related information outside business activities throughout the planning, arrangements, reception service. The caller please consult :023 -63,511,141

Booth design structures

Booth design, renovation, construction and related work Division is responsible for the services in place, pack your satisfaction. If your booth needs special decoration, Division I will contact you with the most trend abroad, most practical booth design and construction company, tailor-made for your booth the most suitable for the decoration of your passport knowledge before the show to during the show the overall layout of the exhibition, booth decoration, our company will provide you with a set of booth decoration design services. Call Consult :023 -63511046

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